You could accuse me of negligence if I did not place a note here praising the genius without whom this site would never have seen the light of day. Kristi Sayles is a genius in my eyes but is more than that. She is generous and a good friend of mine–she and her husband Terry.

If she has something you can use, she will not pester you to death until you buy it. She will answer questions, explain benefits–and drawbacks if any. She will quote you a fair price if you inquire about the possibility of buying it. But she won’t bug you.

Now that sounds like I’m setting you up for a purchase. I’m not. I’m using marketer language to point out some of her outstanding qualities as a person. And to demonstrate why I feel so indebted to her for the way she has aided me. She is not only a friend.

She’s a genius.

I love you, Kristi.

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