An Essential Approach

You would find, back in Beaufort, health care mostly done at home. Caster oil for everything was one awful cure, but not nearly so taste destroying as some of the concoctions my grandmother assembled from spices and herbs in her kitchen. Of course, the closest thing we had similar to a blender was the device used to separate cream from milk by centrifugal force, and it was hand-cranked.

Today everyone from doctors to snake-oil peddlers tout smoothies. Some are delicious, others taste as unappetizing as medicine. I have located a tasty, healthy smoothie for you to try. But first, why essential?

About detoxification.  It is a fact of modern urban life that we, as a nation, have polluted our air, our water, even our land. No one planned it. No one set out to destroy the nation by poisoning. It just happened, so gradually, so invisibly, that the prophets of our day are called kooks and are ignored.

But now professional researchers and medical authorities are sounding the alarm. Too many TV stories about pollution are aired to be ignored. Tests on humans and animals have shown the effects of exposure to pollutants. It is called toxification. Cattle [and other living creatures] eat foods that have been sprayed with poison to kill insects, and with chemical fertilizer to promote growth. The poison is stored in the fat and muscles of the creatures that ingested the toxins. Fowls are injected with hormones to promote growth. The hormones are still in the chicken we eat.

The researchers have discovered how some removal of toxins is possible. There are foods that act like a sponge to absorb toxins. The toxins are then removed through natural elimination. The process of how the body removes toxins is more extensive than we need explore right now. Suffice it to say one doctor, a leading researcher in the field, Dr. Vincent M. Pedre, MD, has developed a delicious smoothie that just happens to provide detoxification, that is the ingredients absorb some of the toxins and remove them through the natural elimination process. This smoothie is called the

Blue Ginger Smoothie.


  •         A cup [loosely packed] of spinach
  •         1 cup blueberries [preferably frozen]
  •         ¼ cup Brazil nuts
  •         1½ cups filtered water [or 1 cup if ice cubes are used–see when later].
  •         2 teaspoons broken cell-wall chlorella powder*
  •         1 tablespoon coconut oil**
  •         ¼ cup unsweetened almond milk (optional, for extra creaminess)
  •         2 tablespoons hypoallergenic protein powder (pea, hemp, or rice)***
  •         ½ cup ice cubes [if blueberries are not frozen]


Blend {slow to fast} all ingredients until you have a smoothie.

Serves 1.

If you don’t like spinach, don’t worry. The other ingredients blend to create a totally different, delicious taste. If I made it and didn’t tell you spinach is in it, you would never guess spinach is one of the essential ingredients.

*A fresh water algae processed as a dry powder supplement available at local stores like Walmart, health food centers, and online.

**Available in supermarkets, health food centers, and online.

***Available in health food stores and online.

Want more from Dr. Pedre? Check out mbg’s groundbreaking Functional Nutrition Program.

Most smoothies are easy to prepare if you have a blender and ingredients available. Before beginning, check to see if all ingredients—or substitutes—are available.

Watch this site for more smoothies.

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